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Dr. Zena Crenshaw-Logal is a former civil trial lawyer turned full time Human Rights Defender. She is the co-founder of multiple nonprofit good government advocacy groups and has been instrumental in challenging every seriously questionable aspect of America’s legal system. Undoubtedly the most controversial of these initiatives seeks appropriate, but dramatic expansion of U.S. state and federal judicial accountability.  Most widely embraced among mainstreamed audiences in that endeavor is National Judicial Conduct and Disability Law Project, Inc. (NJCDLP), a judicial accountability specialist that Crenshaw-Logal co-founded and serves as Executive Director.

Through a series of reports Crenshaw-Logal drafted, NJCDLP established that as of 2016, America lacks effective avenues of redress and relief for the role of its judges in objectively discernible, national patterns of persistent U.S. legal system abuse.  The U.N. Human Rights Council accordingly agreed to intervene in October 2018, subject to elaboration on instances of related harm.  Since then, NJCDLP and its allies have focused on addressing the matter through the pending review of America’s compliance with its International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, conducted by the U.N. Human Rights Committee.

Registered as a Republican voter from Georgia, Crenshaw-Logal is a published author and prolific writer on topics such as grassroots advocacy, First Amendment Rights, and the dynamics of organized U.S. legal system abuse.  Writing for a stellar coalition of stakeholders participating in the 2010 Universal Periodic Review of America’s human rights record, Crenshaw-Logal explained: “When rogue agents of America’s local, state, and/or federal government align to subvert the law, no amount of legal training, talent, skill, or experience guarantees any American appropriate relief.”

Crenshaw-Logal has seen the toll first hand; even lived it. So, she knows that fundamental reform for the better of America’s legal system begins with healing, i.e., fostering genuine communication and inter-group as well as intra-group empathy among the widely diverse groups of people that collectively operate, use, refine, and oversee America’s legal system.

Dr. Zena Crenshaw-Logal, Executive Director, National Judicial Conduct and Disability Law Project, Inc., crenshaw-logal@njcdlp.org


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Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer holds a degree in marketing from the University of Mississippi, 1977. She uses her marketing skills to communicate concerns to government regarding integrity in the intertwined subjects of environmental science, medicine, policy, and accountability in the courts. She is a medical journal published author on the subject.

Over the years she has collaborated with numerous non-profit organizations and individuals to effectively bring changes in federal and state policies and practices. This includes mildly improved disciplinary oversight of California’s judges by the Commission on Judicial Performance in 2019; and a federal audit detailing the need for consistent and accurate federal messaging about the health effects of mold and moldy buildings. The federal audit was ordered by the late U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy in 2006 at Mrs. Kramer’s urging.

She is known for being a good listener who knows things that should make your skin crawl…and not afraid to speak them to persons at the highest levels of government and policy-making.” Her research and results of being a persistent squeaky wheel are often cited in toxic torts throughout the United States; and in national and international policy changing publications.

In 2012, Mrs. Kramer was retaliated against and incarcerated for two nights by order of a California judge, corum non judice, for refusing to be coerced to denounce what she had reported of a systemic corruption problem in the San Diego courts causing even greater frauds to continue in environmental medicine and courts, nationwide. 

To date, no office of the court has been held accountable as the harm to Mrs. Kramer rages on for telling the truth in America. She has witnessed many lives forever devastated by lack of accountability in the U.S. legal system; and firmly believes that the only threats greater to a free society than a corrupt judge are erred attorney general practices which enable court officer crimes to continue. Proprietor of several blogs including NoCourtOfficerIsAboveTheLaw.com, Mrs. Kramer is registered as a.Democrat voter from California.

Sharon Kramer, (760) 822-8206, SNK1955@aol.com  

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